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"We specialize in  mature healthy Asparagus Roots - Crowns for sale   2 yr, 3 yr,  1  yr and Baby. The varieties include  
Heirloom, Jersey Giant, Knight  and  Supreme. Why plant older Asparagus roots and crowns?   Eat right feel good plant
your own Asparagus this Spring.

Come on along and meet all of us at  Andy's  Asparagus Acres.
"Here's Andy Senior
Here's Andrea
" I love Asparagus. Asparagus are Easy to grow and we will show you how."
It doesn't take much to have a nice Asparagus bed in your  garden. Just some sandy loam soil and
moderately watering."
I am Andy, Jr
I manage the Asparagus fields that grow all the Jersey varieties of Asparagus roots, crowns and plants for sale. The Jersey
varieties include: Jersey Supreme ,  Jersey Knight, Jersey Giant  and then there is the  Heirloom . With my new Tractor I
bring the  Asparagus roots for sale in  from the  Asparagus fields for early  Fall and Spring shipping.
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The roots are good size. Then we let you take over and grow the Asparagus roots and crowns the rest of the
Why buy small roots and wait 3 years for spears?
Buy mature Asparagus roots that will reward you  with fresh spears. Also buy Asparagus crowns from an
Asparagus Farm . Someone who actually grows them. Most places selling Asparagus crowns  don't grow
them therefore they have to store the roots. Storing Asparagus roots destroys the quality and freshness and
may introduce a variety of  diseases to your soil.

Plant Fresh From Our Asparagus Farm
Here at  Andy's  early in the  morning we dig fresh  asparagus roots every day by that afternoon the
Asparagus are in the mail. Two days later you will receive them. It does not  get any  better than that.  

Buy from an Asparagus Farm therefore you will plant fresh roots that are disease free and ready to go to
work for you producing plenty of fresh spears. There are many that are selling Asparagus roots but it is only
the Asparagus Farmer that can ship you the freshest roots  from their soil to your garden.

To establish an Asparagus patch takes time and money. Plant the best you can. Plant Asparagus crowns
from an Asparagus Farm.
Asparagus plants roots for sale are easy to grow. The "keys" to
your soil and garden area for planting Asparagus will take some
time , this is very true.  However the Asparagus plants will reward
you  with many years of fresh spears.
"There are many ways to plant Asparagus Roots, Crowns and Plants for sale.  In the picture above the  bed
for the Asparagus crowns is just a frame. Asparagus roots will grow down into the soil about 18 inches. The
important thing here is there should be  good soil underneath the bed for the Asparagus roots and crowns
for sale to grow into.  

Plant  any of the Asparagus varieties: Jersey Knight,  Giant, Supreme or  Heirloom Asparagus roots. The
Heirloom   have not  been genetically modified . All of our Asparagus are organic. We do not use herbicides
nor pesticides. We use natural means to control pests. Garlic , Marigold and PennyRoygal being the biggest
Buy On line Asparagus roots for your garden.  Where to buy
Asparagus roots and crowns for sale. Buy from Andy's Asparagus
Acres. Buy On line ,  Mail In or  send us an email happy  to serve
you and be a part of  your gardening  plans.
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